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Michigan Court Records

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Oakland County Arrest Records

In Oakland County, police officers and other law enforcement agents make arrests when they have reasonable grounds to suspect that an individual has committed a crime. Arrests are indispensable in the criminal justice system, regardless of the severity or nature of the offense.

Officers in Oakland County typically keep detainees in custody at the Oakland County Jail, which is overseen by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Correctional officers detain accused persons at the Oakland Detention Centre until they are arraigned, sentenced, or released.

The Sheriff's Office Inmates Lookup Tool enables the general public and residents of Oakland County to access information regarding inmates' arrest and registration details. Visitors can access physical descriptors and other incarceration information regarding inmates at the county prison. The portal also furnishes inmates with information regarding their court appearances, bond amounts, and accusations. Case identifiers are accessible for detainees who have completed their court appearances.

Through Oakland County arrest records, officers of the law link other public records, including those maintained by the County Circuit Court. These records include legal proceedings, judgments, and actions associated with felony cases. When interested persons acquire Oakland County Court Records, they gain insights into an arrestee's legal history, including court decisions, convictions, and any fines or charges imposed.

Are Arrest Records Public in Oakland County?

Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) contains sections that exempt or restrict public records. The Act exempts specific data regarding arrest records to preserve individuals’ right to privacy, prevent interference with law enforcement operations, and protect the sanctity of the judiciary process.

Specific records exempted by the Act include:

  1. Investigative documents obtained for criminal justice objectives that, if exposed, could jeopardize law enforcement operations, deny a person a fair trial, or risk law enforcement officials' lives or personal safety.
  2. Records that might compromise a public organization's capacity to ensure the physical security of facilities housing persons arrested or sentenced for a crime.
  3. Records or data that might reveal or offer the possibility of identifying undercover law enforcement officers and agents, informants, or their families, thereby endangering their lives or well-being.
  4. Records of law enforcement communication codes.
  5. Records of a law enforcement agency that could identify informants or undercover officers, disclose personal addresses or telephone numbers of officers or their families, or reveal operational instructions and contents of staff manuals.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Oakland County citizens and the general public have the right to view or inspect the following components of a Chatham County arrest record:

  • Name
  • Identity Number
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Birth Date
  • Date of Booking
  • Scheduled Release Date
  • Charges (including bond amount, bond type, court location, and case number)

Oakland County Crime Rate

According to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reported 98 violent crime incidents between 2018 and 2022. A breakdown of the violent crime incidents over a five-year interval (2018-2022) showed that aggravated assault constituted 55.10% (54 cases) of all reported violent offenses. Other significant violent crime types were rape (36 cases), robbery (7 cases), and homicide (1 case), constituting 36.73%, 7.14%, and 1.02%, respectively.

A 5-year analysis of property crimes reported by the County Sheriff's Office revealed 158 property crimes in Oakland between 2018 and 2022. Further analysis showed that larceny-theft (111 incidents) was the most prevalent property crime, accounting for 70.25% of all property crimes. Others include motor vehicle theft (24 incidents), burglary (16 incidents), and arson (7 incidents), with 15.19%, 10.13%, and 4.43%, respectively.

Oakland County Arrest Statistics

The NIBRS statistics showed that the Sheriff’s Office made 325 arrests for various offenses in 2022. A breakdown of the figures showed that all other types of arrests except traffic-related violations accounted for 52.62% (171) of arrest incidents compared to 32.31% (105) for drug abuse violations and 4.92% for simple assault offenses. Possession of weapons, larceny-theft, and violation of liquor laws accounted for 1.85% (6) offenses each. Other arrests were for aggravated assault, driving under the influence, and motor vehicle theft, which constituted 1.54% (5), 1.54% (5), and 1.23% (4), respectively,

Find Oakland County Arrest Records

Requesters searching for information on Oakland County inmates at the state level can find offenders through the Department of Corrections' searchable database—OITS (Offenders Tracking Information System).

OTIS allows inquirers to find offenders serving in the state's correctional facilities. Interested parties can search for offenders by first and last name, Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Number, sex, age, and offender's status. The status parameter reveals whether an inmate is presently a prisoner, parolee, probationer, escapee, absconder, or discharged. OTIS also permits carrying out an inmate search by scars, marks, or tattoos.

Requesters should note that an offender's MDOC number is distinctive. Searching with the MDOC number will reveal details on one prisoner and is the most precise way to find a particular offender.

At the national level, federal law enforcement agents may hold an Oakland County offender in one of their facilities. Interested parties searching for such an individual can use the Federal Inmate Locator tool to locate the inmate.

Free Arrest Record Search in Oakland County

Arrest and booking of offenders is typically a local affair. In Oakland County, there are over 40 police departments and precincts charged with maintaining law and order. Consequently, to get arrest records in the county, the best bet is to visit the police precinct closest to where law enforcement arrested and booked a subject of interest.

Inmates are typically held in custody at the Oakland County Jail under the administration of the Sheriff's Office. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office offers the public access to arrest and booking information on its website at no charge.

Individuals seeking free arrest records may also visit the Oakland County Jail in person. The jailhouse is at 1200 North Telegraph Road, Bldg 38E Pontiac, MI 48341-1044. They can also call the jail complex at (248) 858-5000 or email prisonerInfor@oakgov.com.

While searching and viewing the preceding records is free, fees are usually associated with producing copies or scanning these records.

Get Oakland County Criminal Records

In Oakland County, criminal records are government documents that outline illicit activity carried out by individuals in Michigan. This paperwork, sometimes called rap sheets, includes details on arrests, charges, dispositions, and judgments. Typically, records found in criminal records are derived from police records, along with information maintained by local and state law enforcement bodies, courts, and Michigan correctional facilities.

  • Individuals seeking to conduct Oakland County criminal history background checks can search by name or using fingerprints on the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT). Inquirers must provide fingerprints only if a state or federal statute, executive order, or rule mandates so.
  • ICHAT allows users to search for public criminal history records maintained by the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Centre.
  • Interested parties wishing to conduct ICHAT name and fingerprint-based background checks should explore the manual for new user registration and the list of approved live scan vendors.

Oakland County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

In Oakland County, like in other parts of Michigan, the difference between arrest records and criminal records lies in the scope and details they contain:

An arrest record is an official document that gives complete information about an individual’s arrests but not their convictions. They include:

Criminal Records, on the other hand, are comprehensive records that may include arrest records and additional legal information. They comprise:

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Arrest records do not truly go away. Although Michigan State statutes spell out specific criteria for sealing a person’s criminal and non-criminal convictions, these records will still be available to law enforcement agencies and the courts.

In Oakland County, misdemeanor convictions that are punishable by less than or more than 93 days imprisonment will be automatically expunged from a person’s record. However, there must not be more than four misdemeanor offenses that are punishable by more than 93 days imprisonment.

Expunge Oakland County Arrest Records

Interested persons seeking information on how to expunge Oakland County arrest records should do the following:

Eligible Offenses

  • Up to three eligible felony offenses
  • An unlimited number of eligible misdemeanors
  • Only one felony of the same crime can be set aside if the maximum possible penalty is ten years or more.

Ineligible offenses include:

  • Child abuse
  • Child sexually abusive activity or material
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Operating While Intoxicated
  • Any commercial driver’s license offense
  • Any traffic violation that causes death or injury
  • Forced labor, debt bondage, human trafficking

Regardless of whether they are felony or misdemeanor offenses, Oakland County residents should be aware that the courts cannot set aside more than two assaultive crimes in a person’s lifetime.

Assaultive crimes include offenses such as assault and battery, domestic violence, aggravated assault, and more.


Step 1: Applicants must complete and sign the application form.

Step 2: A police station or the Michigan State Police will fingerprint the application. Next, the applicant must obtain certified copies of their convictions from the court.

Step 3: The applicant must file copies of their applications and convictions at each court where they were convicted.

Step 4: After obtaining hearing information from the court clerk, the applicant must file their application with the prosecutor, Attorney General, and Michigan State Police.

Step 5: The hearing. During the hearing, the applicant can show the judge why the court should set aside their conviction(s).

Step 6: If the court approves the application, the judge should complete and sign the order to set aside the conviction, and the applicant will receive a copy of the order.

Oakland County Arrest Warrants

An Oakland County arrest warrant is an official document issued by a magistrate or judge. Its objective is to give law enforcement the authority to arrest someone with reasonable grounds to believe they have committed a criminal offense.

The Warrants Unit—under the Sheriff’s Office’s Investigative and Forensic Services Division—is tasked with researching, entering, and verifying warrants from all district courts and the 6th Circuit Court in Oakland County. The Unit also affects arrests statewide and smoothens extraditions to out-of-state agencies.

Oakland County Arrest Warrant Search

Requesters who wish to determine if there is an active warrant on them or a subject of interest can do so through the Sheriff’s Office website. The site provides information on the most wanted fugitives in the county. Visitors should click the drop-down icon beside the names to view the physical description and charges against a wanted person. Alternatively, interested parties may contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Team at 1-888-TURN-1-IN or (800) 773-2587.

At the state level, the Michigan Department of Corrections also has a webpage where requesters can conduct active arrest warrant searches on the state’s most wanted escapees. When inquirers click on an escapee’s name or MDOC number, they see more details, such as a wanted person's physical description and incarceration status.

Do Oakland County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No. Oakland County arrest warrants do not expire. They remain active until law enforcement arrests the subject of the warrant or they die. An arrest warrant against an individual can emerge or resurface at any time. For instance, a person who evades an arrest warrant over two decades ago in one state could be arrested for the same warrant during a routine traffic stop in another state.

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